Huichol workshops at Mestizo

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Last weekend I was invited to Mestizo's Mexican Market in London to run a number of Huichol Jewellery workshops.
The sessions covered an introduction to the Huichol people and culture, the fundamentals of Huichol symbols and hand-on training on either a bracelet, necklace or ankle bracelet.

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The event was great fun and we all went as a family. While I was running the workshops the girls were playing with their own bead set making their own kids bracelets.

Thanks Mestizo for inviting us and looking forward to future events!

If you haven't yet been to the Mestizo Mexican Market be sure to plan a trip next time you're in West London. They stock an amazing range of authentic Mexican arts & crafts and even loads of Mexican food. And, they're located right next to Mestizo Restaurant - so you can double up and have a great lunch or dinner. They're close to Euston Station, on Hampstead Road

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