Tutorial for beaded flower

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 Unknown 11 Comments

(Improved technique)


Its been months since may last tutorial, very recently somebody requested a printable version and while making it I realized that now days my flowers are made with a different and easier technique.

I'm using exactly the same colors as Previous tutorial. So you will end up with the same result; its up to you to choose witch one is best.
Lets begin:

11/0 (2mm) Czech seed beads, in black, light orange, dark orange and red
Black thread, I use C-Lon size D
Beading needle.

To make this tutorial printer friendly I had to use some abbreviations for the beads
bb: black bead
Lob:light orange bead
Dob:dark orange bead

Step 1:
Make a circle of 12 black beads
Step 2:
Go through the first bead, add 5 lob and go back into the 3rd bb, in other words jump one black bead.

Step 3:
Repeat the last step 5 more times making sure you end up with 6 lob petals
 Make sure your pattern looks like this, one of the most common mistakes is forgetting to go through the very last bead witch was the first one.

 Step 4:
Go upwards through the first two lob Add 5 dob and go back into the 4th lob add one lob and jump to the 7th lob.

 Step 5:
 Repeat the pattern until you have gone around a full circle and have 6 dark orange petals 

Step 6:
Go through first 2 DOB add 5 red beads go through 4th DOB add 1 DOB 1 black bead 1 dob go through second dob of next petal.

Step 7: 
Repeat until you finish the circle, making sure you end up with 6 red petals.

Step 8:
Go back through the first 2 red beads add 5 Black beads and go back through the 4th red bead .
Add 3 red beads go into the next black bead add 3 more red beads go back into the 2nd red bead in the next petal.

Step 9:
Repeat till you have 6 black petals.

Step 10:
This time the repetitive pattern changes, this is our last petal, so instead of only going into the first 2 black beads, We are going to go through 4, then add 3 black beads and go dawn to the middle red bead making a side of our petal.

Then add one more black bead and connect with the next red middle bead, repeat previous step until you have 6 petals.