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Hello everyone!

Its been more than two months since my last post, and my only excuse is that I've been very busy beading away. Today I had my last craft fair of the season. I know the season is just starting but I’ve been selling so many things, that I haven’t been able to keep up maintaining my stock, so now I will take a bit of a break to go back to what I love the most, just Beading!.

Today I added two new items to my Etsy shop, can you believe it? I have only made two new things after 3 months!

But I’ve been having lots of fun, and lots of new challenges. I have always said that what I love about beading is mastering that special technique or pattern, and lately the challenge of creating something that someone else has imagined, and described, letting me make it come to life.

Right now im working on the pattern of an ancient Mexican God named Atlachinolli, ordered by one of the dancers of the pre Hispanic dancing ballet with the same name. Perhaps next time I'll post a photo with the results!

Any way, nice to write this little piece for you, I will leave you with some pictures, and don’t forget If you have any questions, I'm at your service! :).

80'S Party Bangles!

Roberto, mi sol bigoton!
Special Huichol tecnique and patterns, Original design by Viry Diaz

 On the loom proyect

A la vibora de la mar!
 Special Huichol tecnique and patterns, Original design by Viry Diaz

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  1. I think your work is very nice. Youre missing an element. The huichol are very much into ceremony thats where I see those visions. The colors patterns are from the medicine. Well good luck. Im impressed with your page its very smooth and understandable. })i({


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